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This guide is dedicated to all the people who share my love of it the real world..or the virtual one.. It is our mission: "To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before!"
Ok.enough of the Star Trek Talk.

Note: Its valid only till Episode 9: Heritage which is the patch here in InRo now.


RO Travel Route:

IPB Image
the yellow lines are same as the normal black lines..they just make the map look 2 messy ..hence they r a ligher color tongue.gif

Detailed RO Map With Transportation Info(All Episodes):
( Thx to Demon Healer for providing the link)

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The Cities:




Dungeon Name (Map having entrance) : Lvls of the Dungeon

Amatsu(ama_fild01): ama_dun01_ama_dun02_ama_dun03
Ant Hell(moc_fild04): anthell01_anthell02
Ayothaya(ayo_fild02): ayo_dun01_ayo_dun02
Byalan(izlu2dun): izdun00_izdun01_izdun02_izdun03_izdun04
Coal Mines/Mjolnir Dead Pits(mjolnir_02): mjo_dun01_mjo_dun02_mjo_dun03
Geffen(Geffen): gef_dun00_gef_dun01_gef_dun02
Gonryun/Kunlun(Gonryun): gon_dun01_gon_dun02_gon_dun03
Louyang(Louyang) : lou_dun01_lou_dun02_lou_dun03
Magma(yuno_fild03): mag_dun01_mag_dun02
Orc Dungeon(gef_fild10): orcsdun01_orcsdun02
Payon Caves(pay_arche): pay_dun00_pay_dun01_pay_dun02_pay_dun03_pay_dun04
Prontera Culverts/Sewers(prt_fild05): prt_sewb1_prt_sewb2_prt_sewb3_prt_sewb4
Pyramids(moc_ruins): mor_pyrd01_mor_pyrd02_mor_pyrd03_mor_pyrd04_mor_pyrd05_mor_pyrd06
Sphinx(moc_fild19): in_sphinx1_in_sphinx2_in_sphinx3_in_sphinx4_in_sphinx5
Sunk Ship(alb2trea): treasure01_treasure02
Toy Factory(lutie): xmas_dun01_xmas_dun02
Turtle Dungeon(alberta): tur_dun01_tur_dun02_tur_dun03_tur_dun04_tur_dun05
Umbala(Umbala): um_dun01_um_dun02

Glast Heim (GH) - Clock Tower (CT)

IPB Image_IPB Image

Prontera Maze (Hidden Temple):

Lab 1 - Lab 3:
IPB Image_IPB Image

Agit Maps:

Geffen - Aldebran - Prontera - Payon

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

Feel free to point out mistakes or give any suggestions happy.gif


RO World Map:
New Payon Map:
City Maps :
GH,CT,Maze Maps:
Dungeon Maps:
Agit Maps:
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