Update Version 10.1 - Einbroch
Episode 10 - Shwarzwald Republic
Update Date June 28th, 2007

The Schwartzwald Republic 's scientific community has long been a source of pride for its citizens. Juno, the magnificent floating City of Wisdom , is a testament to the republic's achievements in science, as well as its research in ancient artifacts. Countless brilliant innovators and scholars fill the pages of Schwartzwald history, but perhaps the most revered of them is Strahlenstein, the leading advocate for the development of the steam engine. With his research, the minerals that fuel the engines were discovered and thus dawned Schwartzwald's Industrial Age

Soon, steam engines were mass produced and distributed all over the republic. Recognizing the growing demand for resources used in manufacturing and fueling the steam engines, many merchants seized the opportunity to invest their capital in Einbech, a small mining town located near an abundant mineral supply southwest of Juno. Their financial support gave rise to a boom in the mining industry and the small town of Einbech developed into a large city.

Strahlenstein continued his research in steam engine technology and eventually devised a way to produce more powerful engines. The increased power output of these new engines made it possible to extract various metals and minerals that were previously impossible to mine. With this technology, people began investing their resources in a vacant piece of land near Einbech, building factories to refine minerals located there and manufacture a slew of new technological products. As more people moved to this area, an extensive railroad network was laid to meet the demands of the population. Eventually, this small community rapidly grew and was named the city of Einbroch.

Einbroch is a part of the four fold Episode 10.

The major part of the update are:

  • The 183 new cards. Along with the introduction of special Card Combo's.
  • A new dungeon, Geffenia.
  • The introduction of turbo tracks.
  • Alchemist/Blacksmith ranking system.
  • New monsters with one new MvP.
  • Two new towns, Einbroch and Einbech

Geffenia Dungeon.

geffenia_11.jpg geffenia_13.jpg
geffenia_17.jpg geffenia_19.jpg

All maps of the dungeon contain varying spawns of the same monsters.

False Angel, Executioner, Abysmal Knight, Violy, Incubus, Succubus, Bloody Knight, Mysteltainn, Mini Demon

Geffenia dungeon is for the most part, a high level party play dungeon.

Ranking System

Although the commands /blacksmith and /alchemist are currently available, they have not been implemented.


Keeping tract of the best forgers in the game. The points are rewarded through these feats.

• Successfully forge a Level 3 Weapon using three materials = 10 points
• Upgrade self-forged Level 1 Weapon to +10 = 1 point
• Upgrade self-forged Level 2 Weapon to +10 = 25 points
• Upgrade self-forged Level 3 Weapon to +10 = 1000 points

A wepon forged by a ranked blacksmith will have +10 to attack.


Keeps track of the best Potion makers in the game. The points are rewarded through the following feats.

• Successfully brew 3 Slim Potions in a row = 1 point
• Successfully brew 5 Slim Potions in a row = 3 points
• Successfully brew 7 Slim Potions in a row = 10 points
• Successfully brew 10 Slim Potions in a row = 50 points

A potion by a ranked alchemist will, if chugged normally, give 50% extra heal.

Some special points

The bonus ATK or Potion Heal is given at time of use. This means that if the potion is chugged or weapon is used when the maker is Not in the top 10, the bonus will not apply.


Einbroch comes with 183 cards and the introduction of card combo's, varying from pair combo's, all the way to 6 card combo's which are unique for a class.

[183 New Cards]

Patching Instructions

For updating the client with einbroch,follow the patching instructions providedhere by the admin on the forums.

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