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I rather say we need more content.
How about getting sos to write up assasin/assasin cross page?

Re: Need more people by RetroHoligianRetroHoligian, 11 Jun 2007 11:50

We need a lot of people who can contribute to this project.
I am posting a request in sig makers lounge for those people to take care of graphics of this site.
Hopefully we can fetch 2-3 people like SoS

Need more people by SiffarSiffar, 10 Jun 2007 19:04

Currently working upon Hunter/Sniper page in collaboration with Eldar.

and, will be out till monday.

life is beautiful

by Ashwin RamAshwin Ram, 08 Jun 2007 16:45

that was:

[[[**crusaders** | Link Name ]]]
Re: Pages required by RetroHoligianRetroHoligian, 08 Jun 2007 15:40

2 ways.

Link Name

onlt that part of the link. For this format to work, the page has to be Inside


[[* Link** Name]]

The full url is required.

Re: Pages required by RetroHoligianRetroHoligian, 08 Jun 2007 15:29

how to add links to a location in the same page?

I want to add these links in all the guides pointing to the particular Stat builds.

For example, in the Knight guides we have the stat build list as follows

Vit Knight —-> where link shud be make
Agi Knight


Vit Knight <—— link above should point here

If u find this suggestion useful please tell me how to go about it I will do it :)

Re: Pages required by Ashwin RamAshwin Ram, 08 Jun 2007 15:04

Well said… I'm currently busy with Crusader Links :P Ripping off the various sites. But first i need to give finishing touches to the Spiral Pierce FAQ

Re: Pages required by SiffarSiffar, 08 Jun 2007 13:51

6 First jobbers - small.
6 2-1 Pages - larges
7 2-2 Pages - large
1 Suno Page - very large
6 2-1 Trans - large
7 2-2 Trans large
1 Future Classes - very large

Out of these, I'm taking up the

Knight/Lord Knight/Hunter/Future Classes/Swordsman/Archer - pages.

Crusader is already taken up by man - u.

7/34 distributed. 27 pages remain.

* Swordsman
o Knight/Lord Knight
o Crusader/Palladin

* Acolyte
o Priest/High Priest
o Monk/Champ

* Archer
o Hunter/Sniper
o Bard/Clown
o Dancer/Gypsy

* Magician
o Wizard/High Wizard
o Sage/Professor (Scholar)

* Thief
o Assassin/Assassin Cross
o Rogue/Stalker

* Merchant
o BlackSmith/Whitesmith
o Alchemist/BioChemist

* Novice
o Novice For Life
o Super Novice

* Future Classes

Re: Pages required by RetroHoligianRetroHoligian, 08 Jun 2007 13:07

What is beautiful?

Re: by SiffarSiffar, 08 Jun 2007 07:43
by RetroHoligianRetroHoligian, 07 Jun 2007 22:06

Put all the pages we require in the wiki now.
To start i come with this list :
1. Brief history.
2. a chain of guides/FAQs dedicated for newbies.
3. Some of legends/featured guilds etc of inRO.

Pages required by SiffarSiffar, 07 Jun 2007 19:23
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