Lithuvien’s Grand Cross Crusader Guide

Lithuvien’s Grand Cross Crusader Guide

Author : Lithuvien


Let me start by explaining a bit about the Crusader class. The crusader is the next step for a swordsman, apart from the way of the knight. The crusader class is defined by its ability to use shields extensively, and the use of Holy property attacks. They also have the ability to use spears, but in a very limited way when compared to the Knight’s ability to use spears. The crusader has the ability to ride the Grand Peco Peco, a bigger cousin of the Peco Peco used as mounts by the Knights. The crusader also makes for an invaluable party member with his ability to absorb the damage done to others.

Okay. For those who have played Diablo, or Seiken Densetsu series, the stat system will appear familiar to you. For those who have not ventured beyond FF and Chrono series, here is a brief overview about the stats of any character in Ragnarok.


STR —> This stat denotes the strength of a character. Increasing this will increase the damage the character can do with weapons, ie, the ATK of the character. It also increases the amount of weight you are permitted to carry. This stat also carries a hidden bonus. This is computed as (STR/10)^2. So, if your STR is 18, and your weapon attack is 120, your total ATK is 120 + (18/10)^2 = 120 + 18 + 1 = 139. But, if your STR is 20, then your ATk = 120 + 20 + (20/10)^2 = 144. Each point you invest in STR increases your weight capacity by 30 points.

VIT —> This stat denotes the vitality, or health of the character. Increasing this will increase your hit points, or HP, as it is called. It will also add to your defence. For example, if your VIT is 40, and the enemy has an attack of 60, you will receive a damage of 60-40=20. This stat also determines your resistance to status effects, and the amount of time you are afflicted by them. The status effects include poison, sleep, stun, etc.

AGI —> This stat denotes your agility. This determines how fast you attack, and how often you can dodge the opponent’s blows. Each point increases your FLEE by 1, and your attack speed, or ASPD by a certain amount.

DEX —> This stat denotes your dexterity. It helps determine how often you will hit an enemy. A higher DEX ensures you hit your enemy all the time. DEX also determines the speed with which you cast your spells. Each point in DEX increases a stat called HIT, which determines how often will you hit your enemy. DEX also has a hidden effect of increasing your ATK, but it is not visible. Another invisible effect is the increase in ASPD, but that is not applicable to us.

INT —> This stat denotes your intelligence. Each point increases your SP by a certain amount. SP does the same function as “Mana” in all our RPGs. It also increases your resistance to magical attacks, denoted by MDEF. MDEF also works like VIT in defence against magical attaks. Each point adds to your MATK, or Magical Attack, which determines how powerful your spell will be. If you compare a spell cast with low INT to “Fire” in FF VIII, then the same spell cast with a higher INT will have the effect of “Fira”, or even “Firaga”. The MATK is calculated as follows:
Min MATK = INT + (INT/7)2
Max MATK = INT + (INT/5)2
So, your INT must always be in multiples of 7 or 5. In my experience, max out your minimum damage, that is make sure that your INT stays in multiples of 7, so that you dont have to hit an enemy an extra time.

LUK —> This stat denotes your Luck, not at all important for Grand Cross Crusaders.

So, your final build should look something like this:

INT —> 97/99 +?
DEX —> 57/67
VIT —> 50ish, 60ish
STR —> 13/23/33
AGI —> 9

You can also interchange VIT and DEX, if you want more HP and don’t mind a higher casting time.


Let’s talk about the skills of a Grand Cross Crusader. Note that there are a lot of skills available for a crusader. I will be touching upon only those which are relevant to us.

Faith: The primary skill of any crusader. This skill increases HP by 200 points for every level you invest in it, and also increases your resistance to holy property attacks. So, at level 10, you would have an additional 2000 HP and 50% resistance to Holy attacks. Get this skill to level 10.

Holy Cross: This is a holy property physical attack. Therefore, the damage dealt would depend upon your ATK and your DEX. Get this skill to level 6 only. You need this to unlock Grand Cross.

Grand Cross: The main skill, as obvious, is the spell known as “Grand Cross”. It creates a huge cross in a 9 X 9 area. This spell deals holy damage to anyone who enters this area. Anyone in the area will be hit for 3 times. If the target is moving while it is hit, it will be hit for 4 times. As it is holy property, any undead or dark property monsters will be hit even harder. The flip side is, that this spell also damages you. There are two parts to it: One is the kickback damage, which is 20% of your HP. The second part depends upon the damage dealt to the enemy, which I will discuss a little later.


Cure: This spell cures various status ailments. It requires only 1 level. Get it to unlock divine protection..

Divine Protection: This skill decreases the damage you take from demon/undead monsters. It is partly useful as you will be hunting mostly these monsters only. Get it to level 3 to unlock Demon Bane.

Demon Bane: This skill increases the damage you do to demon/undead monsters with weapons. Get it to level 5 to unlock heal.

Heal: The second most important spell for a Grand Cross Crusader. This spell recovers HP. Get it to level 10.

This will leave 3 points for you to invest any where you want.

Grand Cross Damage Calculation:

The damage is given by:

{ [(ATK + MATK)*(GC level) ] – (DEF of enemy) } * 3

Grand Cross Damage to self

There are two parts to it. Forst, you will lose 20% of your HP. There is no way to avoid this.
The second kind of damage is approximately 1/3 rd the damage dealt to the enemy. Now this can be reduced.

For example, imagine that you hit your enemy for 6000 points. The damage to you will be 2000. Faith will give you 50% tolerance against Holy attaks. This brings down the damage to 1000. If you are wearing a Cranial, the damage comes down to 70% of 1000 = 700. Say your MDEF is 10. The damage comes down to 90% of 700 = 630.

So, in short, equipment that boosts MDEF, resistance against Holy attacks, or resistance against Demi-human attaks will reduce the damage done to you.

++++A bit about DEF:

You will see that the DEF is always in 2 parts : X + Y. X denotes defence in %, and Y denotes Def in Points.
Eg. Say your DEF is 30 + 45, and your enemy's attack is 200. Then the damage you will receive is :
200 - (30% of 200) = 140
140 - 45 = 95.
The 'X' part is determined by you equipment DEF, and the 'Y' part by your VIT.
MDEF also works on the same principles.

A Crusader's Journey

Now the journey, from a novice to a crusader

Keep your starting stats like this:

STR – 9
AGI – 9
DEX – 5
VIT – 5
INT – 1
LUK - 1

Get the first 10 jobs as a novice in the training grounds. I suggest you stay there till your base level is around 13 ~ 14. Then go to the novice test room where you will be asked a lot of questions, and then sent to the swordsman guild. I suggest you do this because you will receive a falchion and 7 phracons on completing the test.

By this time, your stats should look something like this.

Level – 11/10
STR – 10
AGI – 9
DEX – 10
VIT – 15
INT – 1
LUK - 1

You should have picked up a lot of stuff during your hunt in the training ground. Sell them, and sell your falchion. Buy a blade. Use the phracons you received to upgrade it to +7.

Swordsman Skills

Increase HP Recovery - The most important skill for a swordsman. You will get an additional recovery of 5 HP/skill level + Max HP*0.002*skill Level. Therefore, say at your HP is 8000 and the level of this skill is 10. Then the amount of HP you will recover in addition to your normal HP recovery is :
5*10 + 8000*0.002*10 = 50+ 160 = 210 HP. This recovery is faster when you sit than when you stand. Also, this will increase the effect of potions by 100%, meaning one potion will give the effect of two.

Sword Mastery - Increases the damage done by one handed swords. At level 10, this will give +40 to your attack strength. SO… get it to level 10.

Bash - This skill will boost the damage done by a certain % for that one shot, while consuming some SP. Get it to level 10.

Provoke - This skill taunts a target and brings its attention to you. The target loses defense but it's attack strength increases while provoked. A very good skill to bring mobs of non-aggressive monsters to you from a distance. Get it to level 5 to unlock Endure.

Endure - Usually, when you are attacked, there is a delay that hinders your movement or ability to attack back immediately. The Endure skill removes the delay so you can run away or attack without interruption. This skill is very good for running away if you are being overwhelmed by a large mob.

There are other skills, but they are "optional" as far as a Grand Cross Crusader is concerned.



Head to morroc. Go to the map north of morroc. There are a lot of drops and pickys there, which should give you decent job exp for the first 5 jobs. Get HP Recovery to level 5. This will also increase the effect of the novice potions.

Head to Payon. Start hunting in the payon dungeon. You may want to avoid the zombies and just stick to skeletons and farmiliars till you’re base level is around 16. Then hit away at everything you see. Keep the novice pots in F1, and start pushing it like crazy, especially when you go up against more than 1 Zombie. If the pots get over, just create a new novice, and get more. Each novice will fetch you 400 pots, not to mention free warp tickets, which will come in very handy during your swordsman days. Get HP recovery to 10. Then get Sword Mastery to 10, and Bash to level 5.

Stick here till base level 35. Then go to Prontera and save there. If you have been churning out novice pots, you should have about 30-40 warp tickets. By this time, you should have picked up a few good things like mace[4], skull rings and grapes. You can sell the mace[4] to the npc, or you can sell it in the market for 50k each. Skull rings will fetch you 5k each from the NPC. Grapes go for 4k each. You should have around 20 grapes, 5-6 rings with you, which should fetch you around 100k or so.

Find a merchant with discount level of at least 5, and ask him to buy a Chainmail and Haedonggum on your behalf.

By now, your stats should be something like:
STR – 10+2
AGI – 9
DEX – 29+2
VIT – 40+2
INT – 1
LUK – 1+1

HP Recovery 10
Sword Mastery 10
Bash 5.

From this point onwards, start increasing INT only.

Now, warp to Orc dungeon. Stick to that map. You will find orc warriors, orc lady and yoyo. Orc warriors will give you decent xp. Orc ladies will give you very good xp, but also hit a lot. Use bash extensively for the Ladies. There is a boss monster that roams this map. Use a fly wing as soon as you see it.

Keep the orcish vouchers that are dropped. Some people need it for a headgear. You can sell the vouchers to them at 125z per voucher. If you are lucky, you might get an Orc Warrior Card, or a Yoyo Card. The Orc Warrior card goes for 100k-150k in the market, and Yoyo Card goes for about 200k. You should also get a load of iron. Sell the iron at 300z each. Oh, and don’t forget to keep churning out the novice potions. They may be small, but they save money.

As for skills, take Provoke to 5, Endure to 4 and then Bash to 10. Remeber, you do not have a lot of SP at this point, so it would be best if you stick to using Bash at level 5 (8 SP ) rather than Bash at level 10 (15 SP)

If you get any earrings, do not sell them. Keep them with you. You are really going to need them later on.

You will also get a rough oridecon occasionally. Keep them to refine your weapon
Once you cross level 45, do the Bard of Geffen Quest to gain some free exp points.

Once you cross level 50, things are going to slow down. At that point, hop over to the map west of the map you were hunting in. There are a lot of Orc ladies in here. Keep plenty of fly wings with you to avoid High Orcs. If you see a priest, ask him politely to tank you. If you are lucky, he may, especially since at this point, you need around 2 levels more for your job change (I got tanked by a priest for my last job). If not, then go around bashing Orc Ladies till you get to job level 40. Avoid High Orcs and Orc Archers.

At job level 40, your stats should be something like this:

Level 53/40

STR – 10+4
AGI – 9
DEX – 29+3
VIT – 40+3
INT – 52+3+ (2 * No. of earrings)
LUK – 1+1

HP Recovery 10
Sword Mastery 10
Bash 10
Provoke 5
Endure 4

Your equipment window should show the following:

+3/4/5 Haedonggum[1] (Depending upon the number of oridecons got)
Earrings (if got any)

Since you have been living of novice pots and free warp tickets, you should have a decent amount of cash.

Now you have to go and take the test to become a crusader.

Congratulations!! You are now a crusader.


Now go back to the map west of Orc dungeon. Start bashing everyone except High Orcs. Use fly wings when you see them. Keep at it for the next 21 job levels.

First increase Faith to level 10. Then get Holy Cross to 6. Now get Grand Cross to 4.
Then get the Peco Riding skill. This will give you an additional 1000 weight capacity.
1000 weight = 500 novice pots more without getting overloaded.

Go to the Prontera Church. Talk to the guard outside to get your very own Grand Peco.
Then return to the orc dungeon map. Now, go to the 2nd level. Here, try getting 3-4 zenorcs/orc skeletons in one place and then unleash your Grand Cross. Don’t forget to heal yourself if your Hp is below 50%. You will get quite a few rough eluniums. Keep selling them till you have enough to buy the good stuff. Get them in the following order:

Cranial shield (Shield[1] + Thara Frog card).
Earrings (If you do not have 2)
Soul Enchanted Shoes (Shoes[1] + Sohee Card)
Double hurricane haedonggum (Haedonggu,[2] + 2 Andre Cards)
Chainmail of Ares (Chainmail[1] + Pecopeco Card)

If you are lucky, you can end up getting Orc skeleton cards.

Keep at it till you have Grand Cross at level 10 and Heal at level 8. Take them in this order:
Grand Cross – 4
Heal - 8
Grand Cross - 10

By now, you should be around level 75, and your stats should look something like this:

Level 75/45

STR – 10+6
AGI – 9
DEX – 29+3
VIT – 40+5
INT – 90+13
LUK – 1+5

HP = 8000+
SP = 800+

Now go to GH Chiv 02. Start terrorizing Raydrics and Khalitzburgs. Try to have a priest with you here. This place will give you very good drops. You should be getting 15-20 Eluniums per week. Try to take advantage of slow moving monsters like Khalitzburgs and Abysmal Knights. Just stand 6-7 cells in front of them and hit the button for GC. Your GC should be complete by the time they reach you, hitting them 4 times. Always come here with at least 30-40 white potions with you. Now, you should be raking in the moolah. Get heal to level 10. If you are lucky, you will get a Raydric card. Compound it with a Muffler[1] to achieve 20% damage reduction. Also try to get on of the following:

Erudite Gemmed Sallet
Erudite Helm
Jewel Crown
Crown of Mistress

I got the Erudite Gemmed Sallet for 1.2 M. I am not sure what the prices are these days though.

While hunting here, increase your stats in the following order:

INT – Get it to 97
DEX – Get it to 37
STR – Get it to 13 at least. Then get it to whatever your final build says.
Then increase DEX and VIT. Increase DEX first to reduce your casting time.

This is what my Crusader will look like when he reaches level 99.

Level 99/50

STR - 23 + 7
AGI - 9 + 2
VIT - 61 + 7
INT - 97 + 15
DEX - 67 + 3
LUK - 1 + 5

MAX HP - 13614
MAX SP - 1166


Head Upper - +4Erudite Gemmed Sallet - +2 INT, +3 MDEF, +4 DEF
Head Mid - Fin Helm - +2 DEF
Head Lower - Iron Cain - +1 DEF
Body - +4 Chainmail of Ares - +7 DEF, Pecopeco Card gives 10% extra HP.
Garment - +4 Immune Muffler - +2 DEF, Raydric Card give +20% DEF against neutral attacks
Right Hand - +5 Double Hurricane Haedonggum - 120 ATK, +3 INT, 2 Andre Cards giving +40 ATK
Left Hand - +4 Cranial Shield - +6 DEF, Thara Frog card gives 30% DEF against Demi-Human Monsters
Feet - +4 Soul Enchanted Shoes - +2 DEF, Sohee Card gives 15% extra SP and 3% extra Sp recovery

I also have a Crown of Mistress - +2 INT and +100 SP (A gift from my lovely wife ).

IF you get bored of GH, you can try the Alde Baran High Orcs Dungeon. Your Grand Cross Damage should be high enough to kill most of the enemies here in one shot. But go here only after you reach at least level 81-82. You can also go after a mini-boss called the devilling.

If you have a priest with you, go to Niflhiem and hunt there after you reach 80. Solo there only after you reach level 90.

Also try to do the various quests, specially the seals quest (if available).

Cards/ Weapons / Armour

I have tried to compile a list of essential equipment for the Grand Cross Crusader.


Haedonggum - This sword is a must, because it give +3 INT. Single slotted ones are available with the NPCs
Double slotted ones can be bought from other players. Price may vary from 1M to 2M. The ideal one would be a +7/8/9 Haedonggum[2], but they are very costly, compared to the increase in damage. So keep the overupgraded weapon quite down in your shopping list.

Excalibur - The mother of all swords for a Grand Cross Crusader. Gives a massive +5 INT, and is Holy property. Of course, to get this sword you must do a quest, which is available to you only after you reach level 80. In addition, the items required to forge this are difficult to get.


Andre - Gives +20 to ATK. Absolutely necessary since your Grand Cross daamge depends on ATK also. Fortunately, they come very cheap, about 100,000 ~ 200,000 z. Compunds on weapons.

Thara Frog - Reduces damages from Demi-Human Monsters by 30%. Most of your enemies, the whole Orc tribe, Raydrics, Zenorcs, Abyssmal Knights are all Demi Humans. So a 30% reduction in damage will go a long way. A little expensive, but should be on top of your list. Compunds on Shields.

Elder Willow - Gives +2 INT. Very useful, and quite cheap. Compunds on HeadGears.

Sohee - Gives +15% extra SP and 3% extra SP recovery. You can see why this is also very useful. At 800 SP, this will give you 120 SP extra, not a small amount by any means. Cost is not much these days. Compunds on Fottwear

Verit - Gives you an additional 8% of HP and SP. Very useful as well, but I prefer the Sohee card to this one, simply for the SP factor. At 800 SP, this will give you only 64 SP, almost 1/2 of what you get by Sohee. Also, this is very expensive when compared to Sohee. But you can always go for it if you do not mind sacrificing a little SP to gain HP.

PecoPeco - Gives you 10% extra HP. Comes in very handy, specially during your GH days, becuase the critters there hit very hard. Compunds with armour.

Raydric - Reduces damages from neutral attacks by 20%. Very very useful, since most attaks are neutral. The downside, this card is very expensive, around 10 M or so. My advice, buy this card as soon as you can afford it without waiting for a raydric to drop it. You can always sell the cards you get later. smile.gif Compunds with Garments.

Khallitzburg - Reduces damage from demon monsters by 30%. A lot of monsters in Niflhiem and GH cast, like Wanderes, Loli Ruri, etc are demons. So quite useful. Downside, costs around 50 M. Try to persuade a khalitzburg to give you one instead.

Medusa - Protects you from the Stone Curse effect. Useful mainly for the Osiris boss monster.

Now for some very-hard-to-get but special cards:

Angeling: - Enchants your armour with the holy property. So, the feedback damage to you from the Grand Cross is completely eliminated. You will still be hit for 20% of your HP though.

Pharoah Card - Reduces SP consumption by 30%. I doubt there are more than 1-2 cards in the server as of now, given the fact that Pharoah is a Boss.

Ghostring Card - Enchants your armour with the ghost property. This means that all normal attacks on you will cause 0 damage. Downside is that the feedback damage will hit you for a lot more since you no longer will fall in the category of "demi-humans". Still, good for mobbing.


Why a double hurricane haedonggum and not a triple hurricane saber or a quad hurricane blade?

Lets take Str as 23+7 = 30, and base INT as 99. Your Job bonus will give you +6 INT, 2 earrings = +4 INT, and headgear = +2 INT. So, INT = 111.
Min MATK = 111 + (111/7)^2 = 111 + 225 = 336
Max MATK = 111 + (111/5)^2 = 111 + 484 = 594
Avg MATK = (336+594)/2 = 930/2 = 465.

Lets calculate the damage done to a 0 MDEF monster.

+5 Double Hurricane Haedonggum - 120 + 40 + 25 = 185 ATK.
Total Attak = 30 + (30/10^2 + 185 = 30 + 9 + 185 = 224.
Also, it gives +3 INT.
So total INT = 114.
min MATK = 114 + (114/7)^2 = 114 + 256 = 370
max MATK = 114 + (114/5)^2 = 114 + 484 = 598.
Avg. Matk = (370/598)/2 = 968/2 = 484.

Damage = { [(ATK + MATK)*(GC level) ] – (MDEF of enemy) } * 3
= [(224 + 484)*10] *3
= 708*10*3
= 21240

+6 triple hurricane saber = 115 + 60 + 18 = 193
Total ATK = 30 + (30/10)^2 + 193 = 39 + 193 = 232.

Damage = { [(ATK + MATK)*(GC level) ] – (MDEF of enemy) } * 3
= [(232+ 465)*10*3]
= 697 * 10 * 3
= 20910

As for a + 10 quad hurrcane blade
ATK = 20 + 80 + 53 = 153. So this will give even less damage than the +6 triple hurricane saber.

+4 Excalibur = 150 + 28 = 178
Total ATK = 39 + 178 = 217

total INT = 116
Min MATK = 116 + (116/7)^2 = 116 + 256 = 372
Max MATK = 116 + (116/5)^2 = 116 + 529 = 645
Avg MATK = (372 + 645)/2 = 1017/2 = 508

Damage = { [(ATK + MATK)*(GC level) ] – (MDEF of enemy) } * 3
= (217 + 508) * 10 * 3
= 725 * 3 * 10
= 22500

+4 Bazerald = 28 + 70 = 108
total ATK = 39 + 108 = 147
It give you +5 INT, so AVG MATK = 503. It also boosts MATK by 10%
Min MATK = 372 + 37 = 409
Max MATK = 645 + 64 = 709
Acg MATK = (409 + 709)/2 = 1118/2 = 559

Damage = { [(ATK + MATK)*(GC level) ] – (MDEF of enemy) } * 3
= (147 + 559) * 10 * 3
= 706 * 10 * 3
= 21180

So, the only weapons that give you a better damage are the Excalibur and the Bazerald, and both are very difficult to get. So till you get one of them, stick to a double hurricane haedonggum.

Why can I not use Damage modifier Cards instead?
There are certain cards like Hydra which give you +20% daamge against demi-human monsters. But this bonus is applicable only when you are hitting them with your weapon. So, this bonus will not be included in your Grand Cross calculation, making your damage modifier cards useless.

Well, this is all for now. I have written this guide solely based on my experience as a person trying to build a crusader from scratch. I hope this helps the new players who want to start of with Grand Cross Crusaders and do not have good zeny/equips to start of with.


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