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This page attempts to list all the major guilds or factions in inRO. Individual guild pages are linked for further information.

A guild is a collection of players who band together in a permanent group headed by a Guild Master. In Ragnarok, the guild ownership is non transferable. To be part of a guild, someone with inviting powers needs to invite you into an existing guild or you need to create your own guild using an item known as Emperium.

In Ragnarok, there is a recurring guild vs guild PvP referred to as WoE (WoE Guide) in which members of a guild unite to try and defeat members of rival guilds by attacking castles [Note to editors: Once a list of agits is up, this needs to be linked to it - warlok] (referred to as agits) and breaking the Emperium that belongs to a rival guild.

To assist in offense or defense, a guild can ally with up to 3 other guilds officially. Allied guild members are immune to friendly fire and are not attacked by NPC defenders in the agit (known as Guardians ).

In inRO we follow Indian politics as avidly as we follow gaming. As a result we are not satisfied with official alliances (known as Alt+G alliance, Alt+G being the shortcut for a character to pull up his own guild information) and are extremely keen on making what are referred to as mutual alliances or mutual understandings to create mammoth Factions that fight each other - risking friendly fire amongst other things to keep our lives interesting.

Main guilds currently active in inRO are listed below in alphabetical order. (last updated 4th June 2007) [Note to editors: Lets ensure that the last updated date is always specified for any time-bound activities/information]

Guild Name Guild Master Guild Level Urgent Call
A n a r c h y Strip Search 12
A s c e n d a n c y St. Dennis 5
Blaze Of Glory blitzzard 11
Crucifiers Ken§hi 9
Dragonfire Nefas -
Edge Of Eternity Undead-Knight 11
Exiled Feng-Shue 10
FewGoodMen ivar II -
Final Uprising Halloween 9
Hari tu kala kyun hain -
Loki Unleashed alpharomeo 12
New World Order Ty|e® 8
Restricted Ooops 11
Shaolin Guards Calypso -
The Divine L33Ts angleeye 11
The Foundation Mayank 11+
Banned A' Back Retro 1+

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