Knights are pretty much the most versatile of the second jobbers, being able to make the transition between offence and defence with ease. With the highest HP modifier in the game, and a Huge weight limit due to both, the dependency on STR and the PecoPeco's added weight limit, Knight can become HP monster's being able to easily pot 1k + HP with Each Pot. The Increse HP recovery skill just sweetens the deal. The PecoPeco grants perpectual increase in base movement. All in all, making Knight a killer package.

Knight Job Change

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Stats and How they effect Knights.

The best overview of stats can be found at :

Their importance for Knight, in general, precedes as thus:

Str: Attack. Weight Limit for Heavy Equipment, pots.

Vit: High HP. Resistance from many status effects. High HP recovery (both natural and from pots). Marginal/Moderate decrease in physical damage.

Agi: One ancronym: ASPD.

Dex: Moderate amounts required to connect with monsters.

Luk: A special class of knights (Crit Knights/Muramasa Knights) require a good amount of this.

Int: SP pool. Sp recovery. Low amounts are needed if at all, since knights have poor SP mods.

Knight Stat Builds

Knights have just about the most number of builds of any class. This is, as stated, due to their intrinsic versatile nature. Knights can Tank, Kill, be status Inflicters. They can break pre-casts/wreck emperiums and we can do all this in many difffrent ways.

There are four general builds of Killer Knights:

  • Str-Vit Knight
  • Agi-Str Knight
  • Agi-Luk Knight
  • Hybrid Knight

Str-Vit Knight

These knights really mostly on High Str to kill and High Vit to survive. General builds of this type are:

Str: 80-110

SVD Builds.

The Most popular knight build EVER in inRO, this deserves a special mention.


Skill Builds have genrally been Spear Oriented, but with Juno and Heritage and the Bowling Bash updates, there might a genreal trend towards Bowling Bash builds helped greatly by this lovely little guide:

Agi-Str Knight

These knights rely on High ASPD and Str to deal huge amounts of damage per minute to a single monster. They use a combination of High Flee and Vit to survive. General Builds are:


Oriented towards a pure Sword Build or a combination of Sword + Spear Build, these knights are a pretty popular choice and a great way to garner cash.


Aiming for the Red Bubbles, these knight use a combination of ASPD, Def-ignoring Crit Damage, Flee and a knights natural survivabily to Crit their way through the stickiest situation. This type is expesnive, and not recommended as a starter build. General Stats:


A Muramasa Variation also exists as a very niche'ed build.

Luk: Base Level + 1. (at 99 a max 100 Luk)
Str: Low
Agi: 70~90

These knights generally opt for a Sword Based Skill build with some spear skills thrown in as benifit.

Hybrid Knight

Aim for the perfect balance between offense and defence.

Dex: 30~50

Skill Builds.

Brandish Spear Build

Lvl 10 Brandish Spear
Lvl 10 Pierce
Lvl 10 Spear Mastery
Lvl 5 Peco
Lvl 3-5 TwoHand Quicken

A sturdy build. Tried and tested, using spear skills for general PvM/MvP/PvP use and the TwoHand Quicken for the occasional Emperium crash.

Agi-Bowling Bash

Lvl 10 Bowling Bash
Lvl 10 TwoHand Quicken
Lvl 5 Peco
Lvl 10 Pierce

The Sword cum Spear Agi Knight build. Two Hand Quicken is the main killer, with BB(Bowling Bash) added on.

The Bowling Bash Build.

Due to the recent Bowling Bash updates, it a a very juicy alternative (note:superior too) to Brandish Spear. Hopefully, this build soon be more prominent with nonAgi Knights.

Lvl 10 Bowling Bash
Lvl 10 Pierce
Lvl 5 Spear Bommerang
Lvl 3 Spear Mastery

Bowling Bash replaces BS(Brandish Spear) as a mobbing skill, and the godly Spear Bommerang is included for those pesky backline characters.


One of the best advice you can recive regarding equips is, to make for final build is NOT dependent on anything but

Middle Head Gear - +1 Str
Boots (with the upcomming 183 card patch - Firelock card) - +2 Str

Using accessory slots is stretching it. Keeping that in mind, let's recount the Equips required for a Knight.

Helm.gif - Providing 6 Base Def. useful for PvM/tanking.
Bone Helm: provides 1 extra base def, but also extra damage from Shadow attacks and is much harder to obtain.
HotBlooded Bandana : +2 Str. Good for obtaining the next damage bonus.
Ghostbandana: Always great for providing +2 agi.
PooPoo: 10% reduction from Demi-Human makes this The Headear in WoE. No Bypass Skill can ignore this reduction.
Slotted Header with Deviruchi (+1 Str),Marduk(Immunity to silance).

Middle Headgear
Fin Helm: 2 Def
Evil wing Ears: +1 Str
Masquarade: +3% on Demi-humans

Lower Headgear: Iron Cane

Full Plate: Use Cornutus Card (Prevent Breakage),PecoPeco (10% mHP), SteelChonChon (2 Def) or Elemental Converters like Dokkebi/Pasana/Marc.
Silk Robe: WoE usage. Carded with Marc/Evil Druid.

Sheild: With racial damage reduction cards such as Thara, Bigfoot, Khalitzburg.
Mirror Sheild: For the extra MDef.

Boots: With Matyr.
+9 Shoes/Boots: with Firelock for +2 Str and 10% mHP, mSP.

Muffler/Meanteau: Carded with Raydric/Whisper.


Ring[1]/Brroch[1] - For Str/Agi.
Rosary[1] - For mDef.
Cards: Mantis(+3 Str), Kukre(+2 Agi), Kobold(+4 Crit, +1 Str), Yoyo(+5 Dodge)


Suit the situation and Str. Common weapons are:

Quad Carded Pikes.
Triple Carded Bastard Swords.
Doube Carded Two Handed Swords.
Elemental Pikes.
Elemental Claymores.


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