New World Order

Guild Name : New World Order
Guild Master : Ty|e® - Assassin
Guild Level : 8
Featured Players : AlooGobi - 97/50 (The only melee wizzard in inRO)
Current Alliance : Crucifiers, Blaze of Glory, E.A.G.L.E.S, The Divine L33ts.

History & Intro

Founded as a support guild to the Divines and BOG alliance, nWo didnt recieve initial success. The guild was started by RuDe and L.E.G.O.L.A.S. leading the BOG and Divines factions in nWo respectively. A 3rd guild(Ty|e®) was made to accomodate all other players who wanted to be part of nWo. Currently nWo is lead by Ty|e®.

This guild has seen good times and bad. Real life committments saw the guild going inactive for long periods of time. Credit goes to all the people who, even without a GM to lead them, dug deep and pushed nWo across. Worth mentioning are the efforts of AlooGobi, who single handedly kept the guild going. Others who pitched in at various times were Noobster, Ray-V,Critical, Vetinary, Doh!!, etc(to be added).

nWo, after deviating from its orignal course due to conflicts of interest with BOG and Divines, became part of a lot of alliances in the past. Currently, those conflicts have been resolved, and nWo is back with BOG and Divines, along with Crucifiers and E.A.G.L.E.S. forms the CBEND alliance.

Renowned for its Assassin Army in the pre P2P scenario, nWo is growing back, and chipping in the exploits of the alliance.

Current members are:

Tyler - Assassin - 87
Speed - Assassin - 96
AlooGobi - Wizzard - 97
Critical - Assassin -94
Doh!! - Bard - 67
Kairen - Sage - 78
Archer Ladi - Hunter -
Uzumaki_Naruto - Wizzard -83
Calvin - Knight - 94
lady Love - Priest -
Firestarter - Monk -
Silver Wing - Wizzard -
Jr. Wiz - Wizzard -

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