Update Version 10.3 - Noghaltz
Episode 10 - Shwarzwald Republic
Update Date Unknown

The Thanatos Tower can be found in the northern part of Juno. Although there are no historical documents to support it, there are many legends and lore that tell of its origin. One is that before the great Millenium War, the gods have built the tower to demonstrate their power and greatness to the humans. Another is that the tower was constructed by demons to serve are their fortress in their battle to destroy humankind. But the most widely accepted legend is that it was built to commemorate the victory of the legendary arcane knight Thanatos over the demon king Satan Morroc. According to the lore, Satan Morroc wreaked havoc all over the world until Thanatos stepped up and fought him. They battled for 10 straight days, and in the end Thanatos reigned victorious. He sealed the defeated demon king in the southern desert of Rune-Midgard, hence the name of the city that sprawled above it: Morroc.

Hundreds of years have passed since then before Thanatos Tower was rediscovered by an expedition team from the Rekenber Corporation. It was in ruins when they first saw it, pillars and columns were broken down, walls were chipped and cracked. It was almost unrecognizable, it looked more like a pile of rocks rather than a man-made tower. Knowing that they might stumble upon ancient artifacts that can grant them great power, the Rekenber Corporation planned to reconstruct the tower to its former glory. They spent a lot of resources to conduct excavations and research, hoping that in doing so they might be able to extract the secrets of Thanatos Tower.

So far, the Rekenber Corporation has managed to restore the lower floors of the Thanatos Tower, making it available to the public for a fee, which they use to continue with their research and reconstruction projects. Recently however the excavation in the tower temporarily came to a halt. A huge earthquake shook the area, and at the same time a strange flash of lightning, which was bright enough to be seen all the way from Einbroch, struck the top of the tower. This disaster resulted in a lot of deaths, leaving only a handful of survivors. Some speculations say that the gods sent forth angels to punish the humans for tinkering with the tower, and others say it was demons that plundered the tower. Whatever the reasons, the Rekenber Corporation is still unfazed and is determined to continue their reconstruction of the Thanatos Tower.

Some of the major features of this update include

  • New Job Classes : Taekwondo Boy/Girl,Taekwondo Master,Soul linker
  • New Dungeons : Thanatos Tower,Abyss lake dungeon
  • Cooking System
  • Homunculus Update

New Job Classes

Taekwondo Boy/Girl

The Taekwon Boy/Girl is a new First Job Class you can change into, from Novice. They practice the martial art of Taekwon Do, which relies heavily on different kicks to attack. Because of this a Taekwon Boy/Girl cannot equip any form of weaponry since they regard their kicks and punches as their only forms of attack. They can equip any items that are allowed for 'all jobs available' or 'all jobs except a Novice.' Also, some items that are limited to select jobs such as Majestic Goat, Spiky Band, Manteau and Boots can be equipped as well.

A Taekwon Boy/Girl has some features unique for their job. When they level up their Base Level, an angel appears above their head. This angel wears the traditional Korean garment called a 'SAEKDONG JOKORI' which endows Blessing and Increase Agility for a relatively long period of time.

A Taekwon Boy/Girl can job change into a Taekwon Master or Soul Linker when he/she reaches Job Level 40 or above.

Taekwon Master

Also known to some as the Star Gladiator, these warriors use the power and knowledge from Books and channel it into their kicks. Taekwon Masters therefore still use their kicks as their primary form of attack, but they also use the guidance of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars to give them strength. They “align” themselves to these celestial bodies to help them become more effective in certain areas, certain dates and even against a certain monster or foe.

Taekwon Masters can equip Book-type weapons, Mink Coats and Mirror Shields, in addition to the equipment a Taekwon Boy/Girl can already equip

Soul linker

Soul Linkers are Taekwon Kids who chose to focus on their spiritual teachings and forego their martial arts background. A Soul Linker is essentially a magic-user who calls forth spirits of great ancient warriors for both supportive and combat purposes. A character imbued by the Soul Linker's summoned spirits becomes much more powerful and can use skills that are reserved to only the greatest of their profession. A Soul Linker can no longer perform any kicks nor activate Taekwon attacks or stances, but can continue to use any supportive and movement type skills that they have learned. Soul Linkers may equip any equipment that a Mage or Wizard can equip.

New Dungeons

Thanatos Tower

Even after the incident, the Rekenber Corporation still continues to hold a presence in Thanatos Tower, albeit only for its lowest floors. The Rekenber Corporation stationed a Tower Guard that will guide adventurers that wish to enter the tower…for a fee. Only the 1st and 2nd floors have been reconstructed. If one wishes to proceed to the 3rd floor and beyond, they must sign up for the Rekenber Thanatos Tower Reconstruction team. More so, those who wish to enter the 3rd floor must be part of a team of 5 or more. Adventurers that manage to climb up to the upper floors of the tower should be ready to face a multitude of new and strange monsters.

But these monsters are not the only ones hampering the progress of those who explore the tower. Some floors of the tower are protected by magical glyphs and runes, which are needed to be unsealed in order to proceed. Those yearning to go past the 6th floor must also get hold of 4 magical keys, obtainable from within the tower. They must also be Transcendent characters, since only those blessed by the gods can continue to the top of the tower. There is also a 2nd seal that players need to unlock on the 12th floor to continue to the 13th and final floor.

Once they manage to set foot on the top of the tower, they can use the 4 cursed fragments (dropped by the monsters within the tower) to summon forth the legendary magic-wielding swordsman Thanatos.

Abyss lake dungeon

One can find the Abyss Lake northeast of Juno. It is the only lake in the Schwartzwald Republic, whose beauty has inspired countless bard’s songs. It is said that even the greatest of sages and professors that were sent to study the lake have been awe-struck by its splendor. The shimmering blue lake surface, together with the lush green vegetation and ethereal mist that blanket the air form an astonishing sight throughout the year. This natural beauty that is bestowed upon Abyss Lake seems to hide the horror that is to be found on a small island in its center: the entrance to a lair of dragons!

The dragon lair consists of 3 levels, with each level considerably more difficult than the previous one. This dungeon is inhabited almost entirely by different species of dragons. These dragons are said to have been summoned by the demon king Satan Morroc during his battles with Thanatos. At the heart of the lair, one is supposed to find wealth beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, but these treasures are jealously guarded by a huge dragon named Detardeurus

Cooking System

With the new cooking system, players can whip up scrumptious dishes that can temporarily boost their stats (STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX and LUK). But don’t get that Chef Hat out just yet! Cooking is not as easy as it seems. You need a handful of items in order to create a single dish. You also need to have finished the Cooking Quest (it seems not all adventurers in Ragnarok Online are natural cooks).

First you need a recipe for your dish. Cookbooks with relatively easy recipes can be obtained from Prontera’s resident food connoisseur, Charles Orleans. High level Cookbooks said to contain world-renowned recipes are dropped by monsters.

Once you have a recipe you need quality ingredients for the dishes. Some of these are readily available from different merchants in Rune-Midgard, although some may have to be hunted from monsters.

Last but definitely not the least, you need a set of Cooking Kits. There are different cooking kits available, each differing from each other in terms of quality. Naturally you get a higher chance to successfully cook dish with a kit of higher quality.

Once you have all these, you’re all set to whip out dishes fit for a king!

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