inRO On Linux

How to run inRO on Linux

This is not a comphrehensive guides and does not include the troubleshooting part

This guide is more to show that inRO CAN run on Linux this way, and in no way is it a troubleshooting guide for every Linux user (that would be impossible). If you are running into errors, I recommend that you go to the appropriate IRC channel and consult a pro.

This is tested on a linux flavour called "FEDORA CORE 3"

Okay, to start off, you are going to need to get yourself WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator). This is the first tricky part, because the old versions (version 20050725 is too old, that was in the alpha stage) might give you problems with newer hardware. However, the newest, version 0.9.4 is buggy (even if they say it's stable) and will give you even more problems. If you have Wine already installed and don't know what version you have: open a consol, and enter "wine —version" and that will tell you. The version of Wine needed is 0.9.3 (which was only around for 11 days before it was replaced with 0.9.4), so we need to get that first. However, the repositories for all the package managers have 0.9.4 set as their default, so unless your package manager allows you to set the version it wants, you will have to compile it yourself. The source code for version 0.9.3 can be found here . You will need to extract the source code and compile it yourself. A guide to this can be found on the Main Website (you can basically ignore section 2.3.1 about the dependency libraries, just extract the folder and you're good). "make depend && make" take especially long, so go get yourself some nachos. Now you have Wine!


you have 2 choices

1)If you already have your internet connection configured on your pc then

open a terminal and type
yum install wine

2) goto
search wine there and download the rpm for it

You'll need Mozilla ActiveX to run a lot of the inRO programs, so go here
to get it. I recommend version 1,7.7 because I know it is stable.

Now, go into ~/,wine/drive_c/windows/system and check to see if you have the mfc42.dll file. If you do, you're lucky (i.e. skip the rest of this paragraph), if not….well, you need it. You can't go just anywhere for it though, because there are two versions of the DLL, a 1997/1998 version and a 2000 version. We need the 2000 one, so go here
to get the newer one. Extract it and place it in system folder.

Now, you need to install inRO. The install should work just like on Windows

Once you have installed inRO you need to do a few things. First, in a consol type "winecfg" to get into the GUI for wine's setup. First, in Applications, set it to Default Settings and the Windows Version to Windows XP. Second, in Graphics, the mouse controls are up to you, but desktop double buffering must be enabled (when I say must be, I mean it, without DDB you couldn't run winecfg), check off "emulate a virtual desktop" and set the desktop size to a standard resolution that is smaller than your current resolution. Third, in Audio, set the DirectSound Hardware Acceleration to Emulation. Then press okay.

If you can't select anything from the scroll down options, you have an openGL problem, so you'll have to update your graphics drivers and recompile Wine (which sucks……I know, I had to do it). Otherwise set the first setting to "User (and GDI)". Enable full screen mode. Set the resolution to the same resolution you chose for your virtual desktop in winecfg. The other settings are all up to you.

Now, Ragnarok.exe should work!

Good luck! And if you have anything to add to the guide just post it here or PM me on inRB and I'll add it. Hopefully we'll get this pinned so that we can have a comprehensive guid

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